Protection of natural and cultural values

Together with our partners, we implement projects that contribute through specific measure – so-called “demonstration projects” - to the protection of the important forest and water ecosystems in the territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park and its surroundings:

Water management

  • Construction of reed bed and individual waste water treatment plants in municipalities
  • Renovation of traditional ponds, wetlands and meanders around the National Park
  • Seminars and training courses for municipalities, administration authorities of protected areas, etc.

Forest management

  • Return of original forest bird species
  • We organise excursions and seminars abroad in order to share and obtain experience in forest management

Environmental analyses

  • Environmental Development Plans in the municipalities of the National Park
  • Study of the Needs of the Bohemian Switzerland Region
  • Report on the Environment of Krásná Lípa

Protection of cultural values

Our effort has been focused on the conservation of the unique cultural heritage of the region – the vernacular architecture of Bohemian Switzerland.

We support the educational and promotional activities related to the vernacular architecture of Bohemian Switzerland.

We currently prepare renovation of sacred architecture (crosses, rock chapels, churches etc.) which we intend to finance from ERDF/Central Europe Programme and others.