Mobile Applications Bohemian Switzerland

Mobile Application Bohemian Switzerland offers visitors the National Park Bohemian Switzerland and the surrounding area on a comprehensive list of current events, news, destinations and itineraries, accommodations and restaurants.
Aplication with the GPS help decide the place where you are currently located and offers the listings by interactive maps attractions and services in the surrounding area.
The aplication will also help you to orient in space and with "Augmented Reality". They turn around 360 degrees and on your mobile you will see which objects and tourist destinations in your vicinity and how far.

The greater part of the application can work without Internet connection (but the current calendar of events they do not get).

You must leave the application to use GPS in your phone. If you do not allow the application to use the GPS in your phone, the application will not know where you are.

Link for installation:

Submitted by Veronika Acsová on

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