Formulation and implementation of regional project

Development activities for the region

We prepare and implement a number of projects seeking to align the objective of the development of the surrounding municipalities with the preservation of the natural heritage of Bohemian Switzerland. 

We provide as well a consultancy and a technical advice regarding projects to regional private entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, education institutions etc. to give the support to the sustainable development of Bohemian Switzerland region.

Development Centre

We offer services to the municipalities (and others) in the region mainly in the area of utilizing the resources from the European funds for the creation and implementation of specific projects.

We have successfully obtained several million Czech crowns (korunas) for the financing of projects - mainly in the field of environmentally friendly (EF) tourism, promotion, and environmental protection. For our partners or clients we succeed in obtaining some resources regarding investment activities in the field of EF tourism, innovation and development in production plans, presentation of towns, renovation of historic landmark etc.

We are supported by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF/UNDP), the European Union, the national budget of the Czech Republic (SROPOPRLZEQUAL and others), and by Czech funds and foundations.