Education and awareness

České Švýcarsko o. p. s. seeks to make a contribution to the sustainable all-round development (i.e. social, economic and environmental) of this frontier region. For this reason, we prepare and develop programmes in the area of education, as the awareness building plays an important role on the way to the sustainable development and environmentally friendly turism.

The region where we operate is unique in its natural and cultural riches and is protected by various degrees of nature conservation and protection (Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Elbe Sandstones Protected Landscape Area). Our educational and consulting programmes are thus focused on topics wich are crutial or high-imporatnce for the regional developement.

Main educational and consulting programmes themes:

  • Environmental education, training and culture
  • Care of landscape and cultural monuments
  • Interpretation of natural values
  • Communication in nature protection
  • Environmentally friendly regional development with primary focus on tourism development

One of the substantial problems of the region is a shortage of jobs, high unemployment rate and brain drain. Our lifelong education programmes provide an opportunity to find jobs or help to keep it, especially in socially disadvantaged groups. The programmes also contribute to the professionalisation of the regional non-profit organisations (mainly in terms of financial and HR management) in order to consolidate the civic sector and support cultural and social diversity. TheRegional Advisory and Consulting Centre supports starting sole traders and entrepreneurs, particularly those operating in tourism and in the related fields, in the non-profit organisations and in other organisations that require guidance and assistance in project identification, formulation and implementation.